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Sports Premium Funding


Following the massive success of London 2012, The Goverment, in conjunction with various charities have implemented a program to hopefully increase participation in Sports; develop pupils abilities within sport and improve their health and well being.

Below is a statement to try and explain what the aims are of the funding.

Implementing the “Sports Premium” in our School.

Sports Premium Funding for 2018-2019 at Clough Head is:


Please follow the links below to see how we have been spending the money this year to acheive all of the goals set out by the funding, we hope that as this funding continues into the future so we can continue to make lasting legacies, which will benefit this generation and those in the future.

Sports Premium Breakdown of Spending- 2013/2014

Sports Premium Spreadsheet- 2014/2015

Sports Premium Breakdown  of Spending- 2014/2015

Sports Premium Breakdown of Expected Spending- 2015/2016

Sports Premium Breakdown of Spending- 2015/2016

Sports Premium 2016-2017

Impact of Sports Premium on staff and children 2016-2017

Sports Premium Spending Breakdown 2016-2017

Sports Premium Proposal of Spending 2017-2018

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