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Tuesday - Other Religions and Cultures

On a Tuesday with Mrs Cooper, we learn about a wide range of other religions. We discuss the differences and similarities between different religions. But the key to all religions is that they have the same basic principles to be; kind, helpful and friendly. That sounds just like everyone in our school!


Wednesday - British Values and Special people

Mr Coates is helping is to build up the children's understanding of what it means to be British. We have talked about democracy by voting for our school council representatives.

british values

Thursday - Singing

Mrs Crowther teaches us a wide range of different songs and how to sing them. We learn songs for occasions as well as for enjoyment. We all love to sing and share songs from home.


Friday- Celebration

On a Friday afternoon with Mrs Kenworthy, we celebrate the achievements of the previous week. We show off what we have done and we get the chance to celebrate the work and achievements of our Stars of the Week! Parents and Friends of Clough Head School are always welcome to join us for our Celebration Assemblies.

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