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Federation Staff


Some of our staff work across the federation to support all three schools. They may be based in one school and visit others or work equally between the three schools. Many of our staff have federation contracts which enables us to place staff where there is greatest need and use the skills of our staff where they are best suited. The following staff have perminent roles which are spread across the federation:

Mrs Claire Kenworthy - Federation Head Teacher

Mrs Lynsey Wagstaff - Federation Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Gillian Lok - Federation SENCO

Clough Head School

The following teaching staff are currently based at Clough Head School. They are supported by a team of dedicated Educational and SEN Support Staff.

Miss Chelsea Sykes - Class 1 Teacher

Miss Emily Heaphy - Class 2 Teacher 

Mrs Marina Cooper - PPA Cover Teacher

Miss Candice Travis - Class 3 Teacher and Maths Leader (TLR) 

Mrs Wagstaff - Deputy Head Teacher and Class 3 Teacher 


Wellhouse School

The following teaching staff are based at Wellhouse School. They are fortunate to be supported by a strong team of Educational Teaching Support and SEN Support Staff with a wide range of skills.

Miss Emma Walton - Class 1 teacher, Early Years Leader, Acting Deputy Head Teacher (Maternity Leave Cover)

Miss Johanna Bloxham - Class 1 Teacher 

Mrs Amy Wallace - Class 2 Teacher

Mr Scott Charlesworth - Class 3 Teacher 

Wilberlee School

The following members of staff are based currently at Wilberlee School. They are supported by an established and expanding team of support staff.

Miss Amy Crowther - Deputy Head Teacher and Class 3 Teacher (Currently on Maternity Leave) 

Mrs Katie Wood - Class 3 Teacher 
Mr Kieran Taylor - Class 2 Teacher 

Mrs Emma Barnes - Class 1 Teacher

Mr Eddie Purcell - PPA Cover Teacher


Staff Responsibilities

We have a strong teaching team across the three schools of our federation and our staff work closely together to plan for an exciting and stimulating curriculum to challenge, support and encourage our pupils to learn to the best of their abilities. Our staff come from a diverse range of backgrounds with a variety of experience which allows us to use the skills of our staff to the best of their abilities. The following responsibilities are shared between staff of the federation:

Literacy - Katie Wood

Numeracy - Candice Travis

Science - (Amy Crowther) Katie Wood/Emma Barnes

EYFS and Class 1 Team Leader - Emma Walton

PSHCE - Amy Crowther

Computing and ICT Infrastructure - Lynsey Wagstaff/Claire Kenworthy 

Assessment - Amy Crowther/Emma Walton 

Foundation Subjects - Lynsey Wagstaff 

RE - Marina Cooper

MFL - Marina Cooper

Safeguarding - Claire Kenworthy

Students/Volunteers/NQT Mentor - Lynsey Wagstaff

Music - Eddie Purcell

Sports Premium - Lynsey Wagstaff 

PE Coordination - Lynsey Wagstaff 

SEN - Gill Lok

Pastoral Leader (including attendance) - Lynsey Wagstaff

Clough Head Website - Lynsey Wagstaff/Michelle Miller

Wilberlee Website - Lynsey Wagstaff/Adele Fawcett

Wellhouse Website - Lynsey Wagstaff/Charlotte Bamforth

Pupil Premium - Claire Kenworthy

GDPR - Claire Kenworthy