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We are proud to be a Federation of three small schools: Clough Head Junior and Infant School, Wellhouse Junior and Infant School and Wilberlee Junior and Infant School. Together we are known as The Heights Federation.

Clough Head and Wellhouse federated together in 2008 and Wilberlee joined the Federation in 2014. We were the first small schools Federation in Kirklees. The three schools are approximately one mile apart from each other and so it is relatively easy to plan visits between the school sites.

The benefits of federating are extremely evident and we enjoy working closely together to provide extended learning opportunities and events. As three small schools, with relatively small budgets, we are now able to ‘pool’ resources effectively to provide more educational experiences, including visits, residentials and visitors into school.

In terms of learning opportunities, the benefits of federating are endless. As small schools we have only a few children in each year group and have mixed-age classes. Through federating we can provide opportunities for year groups from each school to learn together and for pupils to work alongside each other in their peer groups.

The Federation also allows us to draw upon the expertise and good practice in each school and allows staff to work together to develop skills, knowledge and teaching provision.

We are delighted with the success of the federation already and we look forward to the extended opportunities we can offer now and in the future which will impact positively upon standards and pupil achievement.

Clough head school

Clough Head Junior and Infant School

Bolster Moor Road





(01484) 222217

School Business Manager: Mrs Michelle Miller

Wellhouse school

Wellhouse Junior and Infant School

Lower Wellhouse





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School Business Manager: Mrs Charlotte Bamforth

Wilberlee school

Wilberlee Junior and Infant School

Heys Lane





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School Business Manager: Mrs Adele Fawcett