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Class One resources and information


Daily Timetables 

Please feel free to use the resources which you find useful from this website. They are not compulsary and will not be useful for all pupils. Please also use the time to spend with your family and play games and read. However, if you feel that you or your family would benefit from a structure to your day, please feel free to use one of the timetables below for the period of school closure. 

Preschool and Reception Child Daily Timetable 

Key Stage 1 Daily Timetable 

joe wicks daily PE workouts

Joe Wicks will be doing a daily PE workout. Why not join in as a family or use it as time to keep the children entertained and busy for a short time. Follow this link to the website.

Joe Wicks Daily PE

Contact us

During the school closures please do get in touch with your child's class teacher by using our work email address. To contact Miss Walton please use the following address:


Our staff may have differing working hours whilst working from home and manning a skeleton staff at school but we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

You can also use the office email to contact Mrs Miller regarding any school related questions too:


Home Learning grids

Please find below the home learning grids which we have been sending out via PING for parents to complete with their children at home. These are suggestions only and they are not aimed to cause anxieties or increased pressures for you or your children at this challenging time. Please use them as you see fit and as appropriate. However, just as important is children's mental health and yours and just as important at this time are family games, baking, learning to tie laces, playing in the garden and staying safe. If you have any questions or need further guidance please contact us using the details above. 

Week one Home Learning Grid Reception 

Week OneHome Learning Grid Year 1

RWI Resources for phonics

Reception Pupils

Please find below resource cards for phonics. If your child is in reception the expectation is for them to know all the Set 1 sounds and special friends such as ch, sh, th, qu, nk, ng. 

Some children may be working slightly above this level and will have started to look at and learn some Set 2 sounds - ay, ee, igh, ow (blow the snow), oo (as in oo poo at the zoo), oo (as in look at a book). 

Children learn one sound per day and recap all previously taught sounds. Play sound games and hide the sounds around the room. Place them on the fridge, toilet door, in a prominent position where children can see them. Play fastest finger first, say the sound and ask children to find it quick than you. 

With green word cards ask children to Fred Talk the word (they know this is sounding out) and read the word. If there are special friends such as ch, sh, th, ay as in play and fish say to children 'special friends, Fred Talk, read the word'. They will know what this means. For the word play they will say 'special friends ay, p-l-ay, play'. 

If you print the sounds below back to back the picture card is the rhyme they use to help them remember the sound. 

Set 1 Word Cards

Set 2 Words Cards

Year 1 Pupils

Year 1 pupils know all set 1 and most of Set 2 and 3 sounds. Children learn one sound a day and recap all other previously taught sounds. Take turns to point to the sounds and say them. Who can say them quickest? Place them in a prominent position in your home and read them frequently. 

With green word cards which contain special friends (two or three letters which make one sound such as igh, ay, aw, ur etc) ask children to identify the special friend, Fred Talk and Read the Word. They know what this means and how to do this. For red words these cannot be sounded out and so children just need to know them. Ask children to read the word and recognise it. Read it frequently and often and look for these within texts they are reading in real contexts. 

If you print the sounds below back to back the picture card is the rhyme they use to help them remember the sound. 

Set 1 Word Cards

Set 2 Word Cards

Set 3 Word Cards


Additional RWI resources can be found at ruthmiskin.com

There are also daily updates on their Facebook and Twitter pages and accounts.


SET 1 - 9:30AM

SET 2: 10AM

SET 3: 10:30AM 

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